The precision demanded by Rolls Royce cars is one requiring the use of specific products, which can help explain the steep costs involved in the vehicle’s purchase price. Shell Oil is tapping into that market, having been named as Rolls Royce’s exclusive manufacturer of the engine oil that it uses.

Shell Rolls Royce new technology

Taking advantage of their breakthrough process known as PurePlus Technology, Shell will now be able to convert natural gas into one of the central components of engine oils, base oil that’s being produced in Qatar. The explanation for that particular location stems from the company’s partnership with Qatar Petroleum.

PurePlus Technology was first introduced in 2014 by Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary Pennzoil and has none of the usual contaminants like sulfur that are a part of usual quantities of base oil. Such elements allow sludge or deposits to form within the oil, which ends up compromising the power of the vehicle in question. Ordinarily, that base oil is made from standard supplies of available crude oil.

This particular technology was part of an arduous four-decade period of research and development that had many twists and turns along the way. With respect to Rolls Royce, the product is designed to work in sync with the vehicle’s V12 engine. It’s expected to sharply reduce the amount of oil needed for regular operation, allow for quicker efficiency and limit the number of engine problems that can potentially develop.

The process to get to the point that Rolls Royce deemed Shell’s product worthy of their vehicles required Shell to undertake additional testing to meet the iconic carmaker’s rigorous standards. The introduction to vehicles actually preceded the official announcement by at least two months, with vehicle dealers obtaining access to the oil in October of last year.