Facility located near Dubai represents Shell’s fourth and newest GTL base oil storage hub
Shell recently opened a Gas-To-Liquid(GTL) base oil hub in Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates (UAE):the first delivery of GTL base oil was made in late December 2014. Base oil is a key component in finished oils and GTL base oil specifically enables the development of premium oils for engines, as well as in speciality products, including process oils and transformer fluids.

This new facility in Jebel Ali is Shell’s fourth GTL base oil storage hub alongside its existing hubs located in Houston, Hamburg and Hong Kong. The new addition completes the full global reach and coverage of Shell’s supply of GTL base oil. The hub will cater to customers in the Middle East and to certain markets beyond such as India and Pakistan.

Dennis Cheong, Shell Vice President Supply Chain,stated “Shell Lubricants has a strong and dependable global supply chain producing high quality products and providing consistent delivery to our customers: these GTL base oil hubs are an integral part of this. Shell is the only company with a dependable supply of GTL base oil. This new hub accomplishes the full integration of our transportation and storage of GTL base oil globally. This is a clear demonstrationof where Shell’s integration and innovation add value for Shell’s customers.”

TheGTL base oil ismade in the Middle East at the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar, a partnership between Qatar Petroleum and Shell. The plant is the world’s largest source of GTL products. The hub will cater to customers in the Middle East and to certain markets beyond such as Egypt, India, Pakistan and South Africa.

Sheikh ThaniAl Thani, Deputy General Manager for Qatar Shell stated, “GTL products represent a pioneering innovation to increase the supply of highly-demanded liquid hydrocarbons. They offer significant advantages in many applications as they arevirtually sulphur free, colourless and odourless. These attributes of GTL-based products make them very attractive to help meet the growing requirements of consumers and we are extremely proud to be at the leading edge of innovation that produces these and future superior products.”

Speaking on the opening Mounir Bouaziz, Country Chairman Dubai and Northern Emirates, VP Commercial,stated “We are extremely proud to inaugurate this Shell Gas-to-Liquids base oil hub in the UAE. The decision to create a hub in the UAE demonstrates Shell’s ongoing commitment to the region, and illustrates the growing demand for premium lubricants. The hub will cater to customers across the Middle East and reinforces Shell’s vision to be the most innovative energy company by providing cutting edge products, including motor oils made from natural gas.”

Shell is the leading international oil company, providing worldwide access to this latest innovation in motor, transformer and process oils.This is underpinned by Shell’s robust and bespoke supply chain.Shell’smotor oils made from natural gas (Pennzoil Platinum and Shell Helix Ultra made with PurePlus Technology) are now available in over 95 markets around the world, including within the Middle East region.

• The hub is located on an industrial site in Jebel Ali about 30 Km from Dubai, so it is geographically centred in the region and close to markets with growing demand for finished lubricants.Success in the lubricants business is about being close to the markets and customers.

• The base oil is shipped from the different GTL base oil hubs to a Shell lubricant oil blending plant where it is blended with advanced additive technology to produce the final product. The Jebel Ali site is well connected with a jetty and road gantry to allow product to arrive from Qatar and be efficiently distributed to Shell’s network of lubricant blending plants in the region.

• Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology is a new industry-leading motor oil for passenger cars offering better protection against sludge , superior corrosion defence and, ultimately helping to ensure longer engine life. It is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology is available in most markets in the Middle East including the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan. Lebanon, Bahrain and Egypt.

• Shell PurePlus Technology produces base oil from natural gas, instead of crude oil. Compared to traditional base oils, this base oil provides a superior molecular structure from which to create Shell Helix Ultra. This base oil helps to: extend engine life, reduce maintenance costs, reduce oil consumption, maintain fuel economy and enable better cleanliness. Fuel economy benefits vary with viscosity grade, but certain products within the Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology range can deliver an improvement of up to 3% in fuel economy .

• GTL base oil has also been game changing technology in certain specialist applications such as:
oProcess oils, which are used in a wide variety of chemical and technical industries as a raw material component or as an aid to processing. Shell Risella X, range of products, based on the GTL technology, are characterised by extra purity and excellent performance

o Shell Diala a transformer oil, which acts as electrical insulator, is made with GTL base oil thereby enabling it to offer exceptional performance with higher reliability even under high pressure.