Taking the time to pay for gas at Shell appears to be a thing of the past for drivers who purchase one of three different versions of the 2018 Jaguar. That’s because each of the models will have an entertainment screen inside the vehicle that will allow the purchaser to download a Shell Oil app and use that for payment purposes.

Shell jaguar easier payment possibilities

When the three models: the XE, XF and F-Pace are introduced, this will only be available to purchasers within the United Kingdom. Drivers will be able to use either Apple Pay or PayPal to handle whatever transaction takes place, with plans in place to also accommodate Android users by the end of this year. While no time frame has been offered, Jaguar does plan to roll out sales of the Jaguars to other countries.

The process is set up so that a mere tap of the Shell Oil app will allow the driver to enter the specific credit card information for their purchase. Once that’s been completed, recognition of the receipt will be shown onscreen, with a copy then sent to the e-mail address of the card holder.

The use of credit cards at gas station has taken on greater concern over recent years due to devices that can easily be set up by thieves. These attach to the legitimate credit card swiping device in place and can be quickly removed by criminals. This allows them to have access to any credit cards that were used to purchase gas.

Another convenience includes the fact that keeping track of such receipts for business purposes will now become infinitely easier. In addition, drivers in the states which ban individuals from pumping their own gas won’t have to waste additional time when it comes to paying a gas attendant.