Taking the next steps in enhancing the world’s first pipeline-supplied hydrogen gas station, Shell Oil subsidiary Equilon Enterprises chose Air Products to take advantage of that company’s technology for Equilon’s station located in Torrance, California.


The station was set up to supply those in the auto manufacturing business that are working to develop a market for fuel cell cars and trucks. It opened in May 2011 as a non-retail outlet but now will be available to the small market of drivers that have those vehicles.

In order to move forward, Air Products will use its technology to compress, purify cool and then dispense the hydrogen gas from its pipeline that’s less than 50 feet from the station. This will allow for a more advanced setup that will have the pipeline connected to the company’s California production center.

Once that technology is in place, it will allow for fueling capacity of up to 200 gallons per day. It’s specifically designed to allow for three consecutive fills at each dispenser and for two cars to obtain their fuel at the same time. This is because it can offer 350-bar (5,000 psi) and 700-bar (10,000 psi) fuelings for a vehicle.

The growth to retail status is due in part to the new fuel dispensers. Prior to this point, being able to gauge exactly how much fuel was pumped was something of a guessing game. Now, the new technology helps meet the most recent California Division of Measurement and Standards compliance agreements.

The shift away from fossil fuels is something that Shell has been aware of for some time, especially since the 2014 crash that still lingers toward the end of 2016. That’s led to a greater emphasis on exploring the market for renewable and alternative energies.