Research and development is the lifeblood for many companies to grow on a yearly basis, a reality that Royal Dutch Shell has understood for generations. To continue pushing forward in that area, the company has opened up a new technology center in Bangalore, India, that will employ 1,500 workers to help Shell create new technology products for energy.

Shell R&D expand india

The building is part of a 52-acre campus and is the focal point of Shell’s development of IH2, which seeks to convert fuel from waste. That fuel consists of trash from municipal sources, the agricultural industry and forestry. While such a concept is possible in contemporary times, the glacial pace toward conversion currently makes it a pointless exercise for companies to consider without moving ahead with this increased development.

The makeup of the staff in this new facility will largely be domestic, which is the latest step that Shell has taken to establish a closer connection with its international neighbors. Prior to this event, the company worked with the Indian Institutes of Technology in areas connected to both catalysis research and chemistry.

Before the decision was made to construct this technology center, the collective researchers were scattered all across Bangalore. That made the process of collaboration much harder or, at the very least, more drawn out. In addition, the extra space that’s made available will offer demonstration areas to quickly test out theories and strategies.

The new facility will mark the third such technology center for Shell around the world, with the two others located within the United States and the other in the Netherlands. One of the key areas with respect to the American site is the company’s collaboration with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT. That’s where new computing advancements are developed.