Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben vab Beurden will be calling on all major stakeholders of the energy industry to take a more active part in the discussions on environmental issues, acknowledge the lack of credibility oil producers have been suffering from and adopt a more inclusive attitude towards curbing climate change.

Climate change policies, van Beurden explains, have been ineffective, even counterproductive in some instances. At a London conference, the CEO addressed a roomful of his peers the industry needs to “stop keeping a low profile” on the matter. “We have to make sure our voice is heard by members of government, by civil society and the general public”, he went on saying.

Discussions on climate change and global energy management and consumption have been increasing in frequency and intensity as the world prepares for this year’s UN conference which will be held in Paris and will attempt to seal a global pact on energy emissions.

Van Beurden also said the oil and gas industry needs to work with academics and NGOs to improve climate change policy. Although the inclusion of renewable energy is a must, it seems unlikely and unrealistic to rule out fossil fuels completely.

Finally, van Beurden reminded his audience that it is difficult for energy executives to be impactful in the debate, while having remained reluctant to address the issue and admit its veracity for so long.