Recently, BMW AG has announced its choice of SHELL as its exclusive recommendation for aftermarket engine oils for use with the following BMW brands: BMW, BMW i, BMW M, MINI and BMW Motorrad.

As of January 2015, Shell oil will be offered to customers through BMW’s more than 3,500 dealerships, in over 140 countries, around the world, including mass markets such as China, the European Union and the US.

This partnership entails the production and supply of BMW’s branded engine oils by Shell. The oils will meet the latest BMW technical specifications and are reinforced by Shell’s PurePlus Technology. Shell PurePlus Technology is a revolution in how motor oils are developed. It is a patented gas-to-liquid (GTL) process, elaborated over 40 years of R&D, which transforms natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil.

Shell produces the oil at the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar, a joint project between Shell and Qatar Petroleum. From 2015, BMW’s customers will benefit from the incorporation of Shell’s global lubricants supply chain with its gas value chain in Qatar.