In the spirit of typical Arab philanthropy, Mr. Tarek Obaid, the current CEO and co-founder of Petrosaudi International has donated $10 million towards the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. The proceeds are expected to go to towards the development of a new reconstructive transplantation facility that will complement the existing infrastructure that the clinic already has.

Dr.Tarek Obaid, based out of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia has made the donation in the name of his family and expressed his passion towards the provision of better quality medical treatment for individuals suffering from bodily deformities. He went on to explain that it was his honor to help the clinic fund the establishment of the new facility.

Obaid’s generous donation came at a critical time for Mayo Clinic as it looked to expand its operations in Rochester, United States. Mayo Clinic was the first to offer reconstructive hand transplantation surgery options to citizens in the United States. The Clinic currently has bases of operations in six different states in the United States including Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

Dr. Samir Mardini, currently a facial reconstructive surgeon employed by Mayo Clinic expressed his delight at the donation of Mr. Obaid, taking the time out to give a glowing tribute to the Petrosaudi CEO and the Obaid family. It is understood that the relationship between Dr. Mardini and the Obaid family was instrumental in securing the gift. Dr. Mardini expressed his closeness towards the Obaid family, stating that Mr. Tarek Obaid’s generosity had set a benchmark for other philanthropists.

The donation went towards the construction of the Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery. The establishment has been named so in honour of Mr. Obaid’s parents. The grant has been made on the condition that an honorary scholar position in the name of Mr. Tarek Obaid grandfather, Ahmad Obaid would also be set up.

Mr. Tarek Obaid founded Petrosaudi International in 2005. Since its inception, the privately owned oil exploration and production firm has gone on to participate in a range of energy projects across the world, developing a number of key alliances with private and Government bodies.