The novel protest by Greenpeace activities to prevent the Shell Oil leased ice breaker Fennica was in the news recently, as protestors dangled from an Oregon bridge to block the way. The dramatic protest played out over two days, during which the activists remained suspended from ropes from the bridge. The situation was later diffused without any casualties and the Fennica is now well on the way to Chukchi Sea, where it will join drilling operations already started by Shell. However, it appears that for Greenpeace the story is far from over.

The environmental activist group is continuing to show its dissatisfaction with Shell’s failure to call-off the Arctic drilling operations with another novel protest. This time, it has launched a musical  protest that is Titanic themed. The protest is going on outside the Shell HQ even as drilling operations continue to progress at the Arctic Sea location.

The famous last song performed by the brave quartet orchestra of the Titanic as the White Star Liner went down to her watery grave is the central theme of the Greenpeace musical protest. The activists were heard and seen playing a piece titled ‘Requiem for Arctic Ice’, reminiscent of the last piece played aboard the doomed ship. This is a month long campaign that hopes to pull in Shell employees as well. The employees are being given a whistle blower email-id along with a copy of the protest musical.

In response, Shell’s officials have made it clear that Greenpeace activists are only focused on drumming up publicity, instead of looking for a viable solution that favors both parties. Shell has also reiterated that the company’s credentials show that it can operate responsibly and safely in the Arctic, negating the complaints of the protestors that the drilling operations endanger the local ecosystem of the location.