The push toward cleaner gas has been beneficial to the respiratory systems of people worldwide. Yet those who own classic cars have found themselves in a bit of a conundrum because of the problems caused by the introduction of 10 percent ethanol in the fuel that powers vehicles.


Shell Oil has been exploring this issue for years and is offering its new premium fuel that’s expected to address many of the concerns of those classic car owners. The product, known as V-Power Nitro+, first captured the attention of drivers when it was presented last year and now can be obtained in either the 91 or 93 octane variety.

The interest of Shell is not only based on looking for new markets to expand their revenue base, but reinforcing other business connections. Their Formula 1 Racing partnership with Ferrari serves as the most prominent presentation of this new fuel, since those vehicles require the same type of attention to performance that those with classic cars are seeking.

One of the main benefits of using this fuel is that it helps clean up clogged areas of the intake chambers and valves. Working with an anti-wear protector, the detergent additive will help scrub the valve area. That ends up wiping off an estimated 60 percent of those clogging agents and makes for a much smoother ride.

Since ethanol has a habit of bringing water into a fuel system, classic cars have seen issues develop when it comes to carburetor seals and fuel hoses. Shell’s news steps toward handling these issues involve the introduction of a corrosion inhibitor in the gas itself.

In the early going, many classic car owners have given a thumbs up to the new gasoline, which opens up the opportunity to capture a greater share of this niche market.